Tatra Mountains and Zakopane
skiing with friends

Winter holidays in Zakopane for groups of friends

snowmobile ride Tours and trips on snowmobiles.
The different routes with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains, modern equipment and professional service make everyone come back from our snowmobiles trips satisfied. Sometimes with frozen hands and red cheeks but always smiling. Ladies and Gentlemen, young and old all seem to like snowmobile rides.
from 35 € per person
teambuilding with highlanders BIATHLON the FUNNY WAY - cross-country skiing with shooting competition.
Biathlon the funny way is organized on a beautiful stadium with a professional biathlon shooting range. For the most sports enthusiasts we propose a half-day activities. The first two hours will take training of cross-country skiing and a short shooting course. After the training participants can rest and have some tea or coffee and sweet buns. After the coffee break we will organize competitions for teams (for the groups of minimum 15) followed by the individual shooting concourse. Finally, we will prepare a bonfire with a traditional polish bigos (a stew) and sausages, accompanied by the award ceremony.
from 50 € per person
Sleigh rides in Chocholowska Valley Sleigh rides in Zakopane and Tatra National Park.
Sleigh ride through the snowy Zakopane or beautiful Chocholowska Valley is one of the most popular attractions chosen by the groups visiting Zakopane. There are several options - sleigh rides can be arranged through the centre of Zakopane or in the village of Kościelisko, but the best sleigh rides we organize in Chocholowska Valley. At the end of the sleigh ride participants can have some more fun with roasting sausages on the bonfire and tasting highlander's tea.
from 20 € per person
Ski lesson in Zakopane Ski and snowboard lessons in Zakopane and Bialka Tatrzanska.
We provide ski equipment, English speaking instructors, ski passes and transfers from the hotel to the best ski slopes. The most popular is One Day Ski Course - four hours of ski tuition, lunch in the restaurant on the ski slope followed by the three hours relax in the thermal pools.
from 25 € per person
Before ski race in Bialka Tatrzanska Ski competition for all levels skiers.
Well organized ski race is both a great form of organising free time for the company's guests as well as excellent fun for the employees.
from 30 € per person
cross country skiing in Chocholowska Valley CROSS COUNTRY SKIING in Zakopane and Tatra Valleys.
To learn basic skills on cross country skiing, beginners need about three hours. Ability of downhill skiing or ice skating, can reduce the time needed to be able to participate in a ski trip or even biathlon competitions. We provide ski equipment and professional, English speaking instructors.. Everything we need are enthusiastic pupils... .
from 30 € per person
teambuilding with highlanders TEAM BUILDING with HIGHLANDERS.
Funny exercises and tasks done together with the local children. A good opportunity to get some information about Highlander's traditions, dress and music.
from 20 € per person
folk evenings FOLK EVENINGS regional dinners with a band, funny contests and dancing shows - a typical dinner, as if enchanted, turns into great fun – participants will not even realize when the evening is over and the highlander zbyrcok (a bell) starts calling to return to the hotel. from 60 € per person
Dinners by the campfire Dinners and refreshments by the bonfire
Time spent at the burning bonfire is a time for reflection, honest conversations but also cheerful fun and singing together. BONFIRE has a special charm in winter - with the snowy trees around and white carpet on the meadows. It's really nice to seat in such a scenery when warmth and light beats from the fire. At your request we can arrange a small snack by the fire (eg at the end of the sleigh ride) or a full dinner with soup, main course and dessert.
from 20 € per person

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